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Make your own poppies to mark Remembrance Day

Posted October 28, 2014




This pattern gives a full ribbed knitted poppy and is an easy pattern for beginners.

The ply of your yarn does not matter providing you adjust the needle size to suit.

Use a smaller needle size than you may use otherwise. For instance if you are using 8 ply yarn and usually knit with 4mm needles, try a 3.75. The size of the poppy will change depending on your yarn and needles.



Col A 1 ball red yarn (one ball will make a number of poppies)

Col B Small amount of green for centre of poppy or a button.

Col C Scrap of black yarn.

Body of Poppy

Using Col A Cast on 60 st

Row 1-10 : K2 P2

Row 11 : K2 tog across the row

Row 12 : SI 1 K2 tog psso across the row

Break off yarn with long tail and thread back through remaining stitches and pull tight. Join edges with mattress stitch. Leave a 15cm tail if possible.

Centre of poppy

Using Col B Cast on 8 stitches and knit a square (approx 8-10 rows) of stocking stitch. Cut yarn leaving a tail and thread through live stitches as previously. The purl side is the right side.

Run a line of running stitch around the outside of the knitted square and ease through to pull the edges of the square into a round and tuck under.

Finishing – Stitch the centre tucked side down to body of poppy and overstitch with black yarn, or alternatively use a black or green button as the centre of your poppy.



8ply wool

Size 4 needles

Cast on 60 stitches and knit 8-12 rows garter stitch

Next row – Knit 2 together across row

Next row – SI 1 Knit 2 together psso (pass slipped stitch over) across row

Cut thread and thread through remaining live stitches – join ends and then sew in these ends and add a centre.

Leave a 15cm tail if possible.

A centre can be anything from crochet, or button, whatever you like. 

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