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Volunteer - Marcus Forster

Posted February 26, 2016



Marcus volunteered in Cathy's office in Canberra for the February 8th-11th sitting. Here's his thoughts on the exciting experience.

1. Tell us about yourself. What’s your background?

"My name is Marcus Forster and I am the Manager of Community and Recreation at the Rural City of Wangaratta. I live in, and love, Rural and Regional Victoria, but have worked in several countries overseas including the United States and Great Britain."

2. Why did you volunteer?

"To learn more about how the Federal Government operates and how Local Government can more effectively engage with our Member of Parliament  and the Federal Government in general."

3. What surprised you during your time in Parliament House?

"The amount of time that Cathy invests in the volunteer program, particularly in what has to be one of her busiest times as a Federal Member."

4. What would you say about the Indi Way?

"I have been impressed with Cathy's dedication to the Indi Electorate and to strengthening rural and regional communities."


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