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June 05, 2015

More work to be done for Indi: Cathy McGowan AO to stand for re-election

Independent Member for Indi, Cathy McGowan AO, will formally announce on Sunday, June 7, her intention to stand for re-election. Claiming unfinished business as a major factor in her decision, Ms McGowan has been inspired by the strong community backing since her election win.

“In 2013 I promised to always put Indi first. I am proud to be the representative for Indi and have the opportunity to act in the interests of people and communities,” Ms McGowan said.

“Being a Federal representative is a huge commitment. I take the role very seriously. I wanted to make sure the decision was the right one for the long term. I’ve been overwhelmed with the encouragement to run again. This enthusiasm played a large part in my decision.

“This is bigger than a one-term job. There is more to be done to get improved mobile phone coverage, faster internet, fairer higher education, better transport and trains running on time.”

Ms McGowan remains focused on representing Indi and fighting for the electorate. Her inclusive approach is having a positive impact.

Kitchen Table Conversations, the second Budget Impact Tour and Get in Cathy’s Ear Postcard campaign have created a strong platform to shape relevant policy for Indi.  This approach is in line with the 2013 election commit to be inclusive.

“During my community visits, I constantly hear from residents they want people before politics, and policy before personality,” she said. “The voice of communities matter and people need to be heard in Parliament. If you listen, people will talk about issues and give solutions.”

“Many people are disillusioned with how the major parties conduct politics. As a strong, effective Independent, I can decide how to vote based on the views of constituents, and not bound by city-based parties."

Ms McGowan said communities and organisations were also enjoying being asked to participate in the parliamentary process.

“Taking Indi to Canberra is starting to have results. People are seeing how they can be part of the process and want to be involved to get solutions to problems,” Ms McGowan said.

“We’ve gone from 113 years of party representation in Indi to something new: independent, community representation. We’ve come a long way in the last two years and we’re just getting started.”  

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