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The Indi Weekly Scoop 17 August 2018

photo: All nine students from Edi Upper Primary School visited Parliament House this week as part of a trip to Canberra. They spoke to Cathy about their home lives on farms while learning about how Parliament works.

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The Indi Weekly Scoop 10 August 2018



Wangaratta resident David Maroney celebrated good news with Cathy this week after the Victorian Government committed funding to design bogies for VLocity trains on the North East Line. It comes after the Federal Government upped its commitment to $235 million for track improvements. We hope the bogies, new rolling stock and track upgrades will give passengers access to reliable, comfortable train travel.

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The Indi Weekly Scoop 3 August 2018

School visits show strong links to community

Projects and programs at Middle Kinglake Primary School, Yea Primary School, Mansfield Secondary College and Mansfield Rudolf Steiner School & Kindergarten were a highlight of Cathy’s visit to the south of Indi this week.

above: Cathy spoke to students at the Mansfield Rudolf Steiner School this week about the work of parliament and what it means to be an independent MP. Students will visit Canberra and Parliament House in October.

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The Indi Weekly Scoop 27 July 2018

above: Cathy and the community celebrate Buffalo River’s new mobile phone tower.

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The Indi Weekly Scoop Friday 20 July


State Government announces more phone towers for Indi

The Victorian Government this week announced funding for mobile phone towers that will increase coverage in Indi. The towers will be located at Buckland Valley, Carboor, Cathedral Lane (Taggerty), Cheshunt South, Cobungra, Kancoona, Lurg, Strath Creek, Warby Ranges and Woolshed Valley. More details about the roll out are to be finalised in coming months.

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The Indi Weekly Scoop, Friday 13 July, 2018


above: Cathy with a copy of The Indi Budget Impact Survey Report for 2018, which is available now.

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The Indi Weekly Scoop 6 July 2018

above: Indi students gathered this week for the Youth Politics Camp at Beechworth.

Youth engage with politics at camp

Young people showed their passion for politics and leadership at the Youth Politics Camp in Beechworth this week. Cathy and state Member for Euroa Steph Ryan were among the guest speakers. Conversation about proposed voluntary voting for 16 and 17 year olds was among the discussion topics.

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The Indi Weekly Scoop 29 June 2018

above: Cathy met with Mt Hotham Resort Management Board CEO Jon Hutchins and Minister Darren Chester at Parliament this week to discuss options for expanding the snow resort’s potential.

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The Indi Weekly Scoop, Friday, 22 June 2018


above: Mayors, councillors and CEOs from local councils in Indi visited Canberra this week for the National General Assembly (NGA) of Local Government. Representatives from Benalla, Indigo, Mansfield, Moira, Murrindindi, and Wodonga councils met with Cathy at Parliament House.

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The Indi Weekly Scoop 15 June 2018

above: Cathy was in Kununurra earlier this week with the The Joint Selection Committee on Constitutional Recognition relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (JSCCR). The committee will host further hearings in July. An interim report is due by 30 July before a final report on 29 November this year.

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