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Environmental sustainability in Indi speech, March 5

Need for Environmental sustainability in Indi speech, March 5 in Parliament

I rise to speak about environmental sustainability in Indi and the importance of planning for the long term use of our resources and ecosystems.

I come to this topic neither as a greenie or a conservative, but rather as a farmer, researcher and sixth generation resident.


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Kiewa Valley Visit

My visit to the Kiewa Valley was the first of my ‘Valley Visits’ I have planned to communities in Indi over the next three years and I hope future conversations will be just as rich, varied and fruitful as they were on January 28 this year. 

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News from Murphy Street March 7

Where to start with the highlights from another exciting week in Parliament for Cathy McGowan AO, Federal Member for Indi?

Arriving in Canberra on Monday, Cathy had five speeches to write across a number of topics, community, regional development, the achievements of rural women, and asylum seekers.


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Hume RDA planning for prosperity in region

BLOG_Cathy_Hume_RDA_meeting_Wang_Feb_28_2014.jpgDeputy Speaker, it is my belief that the key- to rural and regional Australia- having a long term sustainable and happy future, lies in a coordinated approach to regional development. We need a clear vision for our future and we need mechanisms for coordination, planning and advocacy.

On Friday I had the pleasure of meeting with the  Hume Regional Development Australia  committee (Hume RDA) and learning of the excellent work they are undertaking to bring such a future to the people of Indi.


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Yackandandah Historical Society and community excel to complete project

Deputy speaker, I want to congratulate the Yackandandah Historical Society on the completion of extension works to its conservation and storage building.

I had the honour of officially opening this architect designed and environmentally sustainable building on Saturday (March 1). The Yackandandah community raised $50,000 to get this project off the ground.



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News from Murphy Street, February 28, 2014

For Cathy McGowan this week, it’s been a case of Canberra, kids and volunteers.

She gave four talks in Parliament on differing topics: transport, dairy and agriculture, Melrose Primary School and a petition from a group of communities in Indi. 


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Cathy reiterates need for action on Agriculture during Amendment debate

Hansard transcript, February 26, 2014

Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (11:00):  I rise to speak on the Primary Industries (Excise) Levies Amendment (Dairy Produce) Bill 2014.

My speech is in three parts: I would like to introduce my interest in the dairy industry; I would like to talk about a case study from Indi; and I would like to make a call to action to our colleagues on the other side of the House.

The dairy industry is an essential part of both the economy and the culture of my electorate.


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Melrose Primary School excels with EQ system

Hansard transcript, February 26, 2014

Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (09:36): I rise to acknowledge the work of the staff, students and community of Melrose Primary School in building and sustaining a culture of strong emotional health and emotional intelligence.

I had the pleasure of visiting Melrose Primary School last week and am honoured to report to this parliament on the work and impact of this school community.


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Rural Press Club Speech 2014

What happened in Indi?
Basically I think we were lucky: we were in the right place at the right time with the right people. And as the Border Mail reported early in the campaign, we encountered “a perfect storm of events and preferences”...

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Closing the gap speech

I delivered my Closing the Gap Speech to Parliament, fulfilling a commitment I made prior to the election after meeting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander constituents in Indi. It was a special occasion for me and one of my most memorable moments since being elected last year. 

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