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NBN: when is it coming to my house? Cathy McGowan reads letter from young constituent 14/03/2015

Posted May 15, 2015



Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (13:39): Many Indi residents live in areas where internet is consistently unreliable. This
is a particular problem for young students. Mr Deputy Speaker, I would like to read you a letter from 12-year-old
Edward Dwyer, who lives only 10 minutes from his school in central Wangaratta:


Dear Cathy,
I live in Wangandary. Our internet is very slow; we have wireless internet. I need better internet for homework
and research. I also need it for entertainment like YouTube. I would also use it around the house on the TV and
hand-held devices like iPods. Mum might let me get a console like a PlayStation because it uses internet. All my
friends in town have good internet so they can play games together. Could you please tell me when the NBN
will be coming to Wangandary. Thank you for all the work you do for our area.

Twelve-year-old Edward is not an isolated example of young people without internet connection in my electorate. Ten-year-old Anika and eight-year-old Mia live just 10 minutes from Wodonga and they consistently tell me that they have to stay in at lunchtime when they go to school in Albury because they have to finish their homework, because their Mathletics internet homework cannot be done at home.

The parents of these children are desperately keen to give their kids a good education. I want to say thank you to Edward's parents, Chris Dwyer and Jane Kealey, for choosing to raise your children in regional Australia. Thank you to Edward for writing to ask when the NBN will be coming to non-urban areas. Like you and many rural families, I know it is not good enough. It needs to be better. (Time expired)

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