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Volunteer - Nicola Teasdale

Posted October 23, 2015



Nicola volunteered in Cathy's office in Canberra for the October 12-15 sitting. Here's her thoughts on the exciting experience.

1. Tell us about yourself. What’s your background?

"I grew up on a farm at Greta South and recently my parents moved into Wangaratta. I am currently living in Canberra and studying Law and International Relations at ANU. I go back to Wang every holidays to work in a local law firm. I really love Canberra as it’s a healthy blend of some city life alongside my country roots."

2. Why did you volunteer?

"I volunteered for the campaign in the 2013 election and have kept a keen eye on Cathy and her team ever since. I thought that while I’m living here in Canberra it would be great to take advantage of this opportunity and get involved. I am also really interested in the things Cathy is doing for the electorate and am very proud to have her representing us in Parliament."

3. What surprised you during your time in Parliament House?

"One of the main things that I will draw from my time here is that no matter how busy and important someone may seem, they aren’t nearly as scary as you think they are and always have time for a chat. I also loved observing MP’s during Question Time. A lot of the cross-floor interactions are often in pretty good faith and pretty entertaining! Better than reality TV. While I was here there was also an instance where Cathy supported a controversial motion by a cross-bencher, despite not actually voting in favour of it. I really admired how Cathy feels it is so important to be able to have these debates in the name of democracy, and that everybody should be given the chance to be heard."

4. What would you say about the Indi Way?

"The Indi way is pretty unique! Having moved away from Indi, I now realize how fortunate we are to come from such an inclusive and progressive area. People often make assumptions about country areas, and I think we certainly prove a lot of these wrong. I’m so proud to have my roots in Indi!"

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