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North East Victoria's alpine resorts the place to be, Parliament told

Posted June 23, 2017


Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (13:45): Hey, colleagues, I have a warm invitation to all of you to come and visit north-east Victoria during the holiday break. Why do I say you should do that? It is because every single one of Victoria's snowfields is in the electorate of Indi. We have spent over $4.4 million of investment supporting new infrastructure. Mount Buller in the Mansfield area started a week early, Mount Hotham is delivering the most skiable terrain offered in five years, and my local ski resort of Falls Creek is just booming. So I want to congratulate the alpine resort management boards and ski companies for their efforts in continuing to support an industry which delivers over $790 million in gross domestic product and employs over 7,892 full-time equivalent staff. The ski industry is leading the way.

I would like to particularly acknowledge the work that the resorts have been doing for whole-year activities. So it is not only winter; if you cannot come now, come in summer. We have high-altitude training and bike riding with the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing. What I really want to do is acknowledge the work of local government. They have been visiting us this week in parliament. So, Mansfield and Benalla, it is fantastic to have you here. Thanks for having lunch with me, and I love to see your continued support for the ski industry. But, really, colleagues in the House, come and visit north-east Victoria. It is the right time to do it.

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