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November 24, 2017

Parliament sitting dates 24 November 2017

Following the Prime Minister’s decision to change the sitting dates there’s been much discussion in my community about the role of politicians and the operation of Parliament.

The consensus in Indi is general annoyance and confusion. They want the citizenship issue and marriage equality resolved quickly and for politicians to be their best selves. I agree with them.

The government has decided to change the Parliament’s sitting dates. The Australian Labor Party and others disagree with this decision. Only the government however can force a sitting.

As an independent representative I don’t operate as a bloc with the other cross benchers, and my vote is not tied to any of the parties.

I am in regular contact with the Prime Minister on issues of concern to the electorate. There has been no strong indication from the electorate for me to censure the government on this decision. I understand some individuals don’t agree. I welcome all opinions.

When Parliament sits again I will be supporting marriage equality and the referral of potential dual citizens to the High Court.

From now until Parliament resumes, I’ll be hard at work in Indi making progress on mobile phones, community grants, education, trains and regional development.

My position remains to provide support and confidence for the government of the day. I will continue to put Indi first in all my decisions and take each issue on its merits. 

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