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August 25, 2013


The McGowan campaign believes preferences are for the people of Indi to decide.

Cathy McGowan will not be preferencing any other candidates at the upcoming election. Instead, she’s trying a new approach: recognising that voters are smart enough to know how they want to vote.

“I believe that the people of Indi are informed enough to know who they want to vote for without me telling them who I think they should choose,” McGowan said.

Ms McGowan said there had been strong feedback that people in Indi wanted a representative who was supported by people, rather than political parties. 

“Right from the beginning this campaign has always been about grassroots community engagement – the people of Indi deciding our future,” Ms McGowan said.

“People felt like the two-party system wasn’t giving them a choice. They wanted to support a candidate who would give them that choice."

“As the campaign has progressed, people from across the political spectrum are coming together to talk about politics. This isn’t about party politics but working together for the future for our region.”

The McGowan campaign believes preferences are for the people of Indi to decide.


If you don’t direct preferences, people will just vote ‘1’ and leave all the other boxes blank - resulting in a high informal vote.We don’t believe this is the case, judging from the results of similar electorates where an independent hasn’t directed preferences. We also believe that the people of Indi are aware of their own preferred major party and can put them second.

If your campaign really wanted to win, you would preference [insert candidate]. In this election, we are definite underdogs. Realistically, Cathy is likely to come in either a close second or third before preferences. The preferences of those who vote for minor parties, other independents and the Labor party vote will be critical for Cathy to be in the race.

You should all unite behind defeating the incumbent and do a preference deal. We hear this often, but our first priority as a campaign is respecting Indi voters and offering them a genuine choice. A preference deal would undermine that.


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