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Question to Prime Minister about Energy Policy

Posted September 12, 2018


Cathy has called on the government during question time to commit to creating energy policy 

Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (14:16):  My question is to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister, my community of Indi wants action on climate change. They know that the future is with renewable energy and they want the government to lead the way. Prime Minister, you said the NEG is dead, but there's no legislation setting emission targets, and yet you remain committed—which we welcome—to the Paris agreement. Prime Minister, what's next? What is the future of the renewable energy target? What action is government going to take on climate change? Can you please share what your plans are not only for my electorate of Indi but for all of us in regional Australia who rely so closely on the climate for our living?

Mr MORRISON (Cook—Prime Minister) (14:17): I thank the member for Indi for her question. Australia has
met our emissions targets that have fallen due to date. Australia will meet the emissions targets that we have set
for the future in both 2020 and 2030. Australians are doers; they're not talkers about these things. We have a proud
record of meeting the commitments that we agreed to and we set for ourselves in these international forums.
That's why we remain committed to these agreements; because we would not want to cast any doubt on our
commitment to other agreements. When we make a commitment and we set our minds to those targets in those
international fora, we pursue them. Kyoto 1 we cleared by 128 million tonnes. With Kyoto 2 in 2020 we anticipate
meeting that by in excess of 294 million tonnes. There was a billion-tonne turnaround from what was occurring
under the Labor Party to what is now occurring under the policies of this government over the last five years.
Emissions are at the lowest level per capita and as GDP in the last 28 years, and in electricity it's the lowest since
September of 2000.
We will meet the 2030 Paris targets. Our suite of policies, which includes the Emissions Reductions Fund, the
small-scale and the large-scale RET, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and, indeed, what will be the great
legacy of Prime Minister Turnbull—Snowy 2.0, a significant investment in renewable and dispatchable power for
Australia's future—will all assist us in meeting this target, and the energy efficiency measures and the demand
management measures equally make up our policy to meet those targets.
We're doing it also without sacrificing jobs. More than a million jobs have been created while we've been going
about this billion-tonne turnaround that we inherited from the Labor Party. Our commitments are clear, our
policies are clear and our intentions are clear.

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