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Line upgrade needs leadership to end wait for trains

Posted May 29, 2017


Cathy asked the government in Question Time to bring together the ARTC, the Victorian and New South Wales Governments, V-line, PTV and NSW Trains to come up with a plan to deliver the $100 million rail upgrade for the North East line. Cathy's question and the Minister's response are below.

Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (14:28):  My question is to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport. On May 10, the Prime Minister assured the House that the government commitment of $100 million would fix the problem for the North East train line. Senate estimates has revealed that the Commonwealth is seeking a co-contribution from the Victorian government. It is a matter yet to be resolved and has made an already complex problem even more so. Clearly, the Victorian government is part of the solution but the answer is not only funding; it needs leadership and collaboration. Minister, a deeply personal request: will you please take a leadership role and bring together the ARTC, relevant departments, V/Line, PTV and New South Wales Trains to develop a plan that will fix this problem? 

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