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Regional development and decentralisation inquiry

The government has agreed to Cathy’s call to set up a national inquiry to investigate and report on best practice approaches to regional development and decentralisation.

Decentralisation as a tool for regional development has incredible potential to deliver growth and prosperity if done properly. This is a huge win for regional policy and an opportunity to develop a plan towards more cohesive, vibrant, inclusive regions.

The inquiry is an exciting opportunity to embed the needs of regional Australia into policy making, recognising the regions’ individual strengths and circumstances. Cathy called for the inquiry on 22 May

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The Select Committee will inquire and report on:

  • best practice for best practice approaches to regional development
  • decentralisation of Commonwealth entities or functions, as a mechanism to increase growth and prosperity in regional areas
  • actions of the Commonwealth that would encourage greater corporate decentralisation and what can be learned from corporate decentralisation approaches

Cathy is looking forward bringing the wisdom of Indi’s model of community engagement to the process. Listening to the broad range of expertise in regional communities, and giving them a voice in decision making is the best way – the Indi way.

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