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Internship - Ruby Holloway

Posted September 22, 2015



"My name is Ruby Holloway and I have been interning under Cathy McGowan for the last few months which is being run through the Australian National University where I am studying arts and law.

My internship report is looking at how important the arts are to Indi, and how to encourage growth in the cultural economy. I grew up in Wangaratta, Victoria and have always had an interest in the arts. I was involved in the Wangaratta Players from a young age as well as attending artist’s workshops and gallery exhibitions as I got older. After having the fantastic experience of spending a week at Cathy McGowan’s Canberra office through the volunteer program, I was keen to return to Parliament House.

This internship has given me the opportunity to work closely with Cathy McGowan while researching a topic of interest to Indi. The research is leading me to meet with a variety of people from parliamentary researchers, to volunteers in the Canberra office, to members of the rich arts community in Indi who have all graciously granted me their time and ideas.

Undertaking this internship has been rewarding and surprising. The insight I have gained from being a part of the daily work of an independent member, and looking at how the government runs outside of infamous Question Time is priceless. I hope that the final report will be of use in the ongoing plan to boost the arts in Indi."

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