Local, Independant and Effective

Constituent Services

The electorate office provides a variety of services for constituents of Indi, such as:

Constituent advocacy: 

Providing representation in Canberra and assistance with government departments for issues that matter to you, including:

  • Communications: NBN, mobile phone black spots, broadband.
  • Health: Health services and infrastructure, mental health, aged care.
  • Social Services: Centrelink, pension, child support, family payments.
  • Transport: Public transport, Freight rail, high speed rail, local transport.
  • Agriculture: Lobby for new investment in an innovative food and agriculture sector in Indi

Congratulatory messages

Cathy's office provides congratulatory messages for all the below occasions, and also arranges congratulatory messages from either the Prime Minister, Governor-General or The Queen for anyone who is celebrating significant milestones such as a 90th birthday or a 50th wedding anniversary. Click here for more information

Flag, anthem and emblem requests: 

The Indi electorate office is able to provide Australian flags, copies of the National Anthem and a national symbols and emblems pack on request. Click here for more information

Funding opportunities:

There are funding opportunities across a range of areas. Sign up to the Indi Weekly Scoop to be kept up to date on funding news.

School visits:

A school visit to Parliament House provides students with the opportunity to have a tour, learn about our democratic process and during Parliament sitting times, meet with Cathy. Learn more about school visits to Parliament House here.


Would you like to volunteer your time to help champion a cause or issue that is important to you and the people of Indi? If so, contact our office to find out how or follow this link to our sign-up page.