Local, Independant and Effective
July 08, 2016

Cathy McGowan statement on 2016 Federal election

I appreciate how important it is for this current situation to be resolved. The country wants stable and settled government to enable everyone to get on with their lives and business.

As an independent I stand by my principle of no deals. A deal is when you agree to do something in exchange for something.

I will maintain my independence and I am totally committed to the following:

  • I am not in opposition

  • I will continue to work with the government of the day to achieve what’s needed for my electorate and the nation

  • I will consider each piece of legislation on its merits and vote according to my conscience, my electorate and the needs of the nation

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and I agreed that while maintaining my complete independence, I am prepared to contribute to the stability of the 45th Parliament by continuing with my past practice of supporting the Government of the day on supply and matters of confidence.




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