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Strong community voice carries clear direction for Indi future

Posted August 04, 2015



The Kitchen Table Conversations Report is a comprehensive overview of major issues current in Indi in the first half of 2015. At the KTC Report Launch today, Independent Member for Indi, Cathy McGowan AO, thanked the community, acknowledged the work that has been done and called on all residents in Indi to become involved in the next stage of community action.

In the last three months more than 1600 people have provided feedback on issues. The KTC Report joins the Budget Impact Tour Report and Get in Cathy’s Ear postcard to provide the foundation for future planning. The next step is the Indi Summit on Saturday, October 24. This summit will bring together all the feedback to form a strategic plan for Indi.

“The level of engagement from across Indi has been strong,” Ms McGowan said. “This process has been successful because of the enthusiasm of people to engage.”

The Kitchen Table Conversations Report centred on four themes and solutions.

Living in the Indi Community

What do you think makes a great community?

  • diversity and connection - a great community welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds
  • People wanting to work together as a total community to help and support each other

What is your vision for your community?

  • Affordable quality of life, evolving economy to create jobs, country values, infrastructure – transport, NBN and mobile phone coverage, environment treated well, natural assets valued
  • Equality of opportunity, community leaders showing the way

Political representation

What’s currently working well here and in other parts Australia, and what could be improved?

  • Being listened to
  • Consultative process working
  • Advisory panels and volunteer champions
  • Code of conduct for politicians
  • Education for people on electoral system

What do you think are the qualities of effective political representation?

  • Ability to engage other members of parliament and build partnerships across all political parties
  • Independent thinker acting in the interest of the electorate
  • Honesty, integrity and accountability
  • Respectful two-way communication
  • Acknowledge community groups in Parliament

Issues and concerns

What are the particular issues or concerns within Indi that you feel strongly about?

  • Mobile phone coverage and NBN
  • Rail service and public transport to link communities
  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Education, training and jobs
  • Regional development, rural and regional policy
  • Impact of drugs

What are the issues beyond the Indi electorate that you think should be addressed by the Federal Government?

  • Access to services/welfare
  • Climate change
  • Medicare and health resources
  • Longer term vision from Government
  • Reforming tax system
  • Reducing Government debt


  • Public health
  • Improving democratic processes
  • Road safety
  • Education
  • Regional infrastructure/policy



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