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Agricultural Survey

The Commonwealth Government has released the Agricultural Competitiveness Issues paper – the first phase in forming the Agricultural Competitiveness White paper. This is our chance to contribute and have the voices of Indi heard. It is my belief that we need to focus on training and education. As well as attracting younger people to choose a career in agriculture and food production, a trained and educated workforce will help to ensure a healthy, dynamic future for our region.

To help me develop my submission, I want to hear what you think is working, what’s not working and how we can fix it. The following questions are based directly on the questions for consideration as outlined in the Issues Paper.

Don’t forget anyone can be involved and you may want to make your own submission as well. I really encourage this and hope that as many people as possible from Indi will take up this challenge. Agriculture and food production are at the heart of Indi and make up our history. Our collective knowledge is impressive and what we know is worth sharing. If you would like to make a submission check out the Government website for more details: 


What are the three priority issues for you in the 2014-15 Federal Budget?