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Tallon Smith Indi Summit Report Launch Speech

Posted February 01, 2016



Tallon Smith is 16 years old and a Year 11 student at Mount Beauty Secondary College. His favourite subjects are physics and chemistry. Passions outside of school include music and arts, especially in the area of community involvement. Tallon works at the family restaurant, Stockpot, and during winter works at a local ski hire outlet, Ski Plus. After graduating from Mount Beauty secondary College, Tallon aims to do a double degree in music and science. Tallon was a participant at the Indi Summit on 24 October, 2015 and guest speaker at the Indi Community Summit Report Launch on 27 January, 2016.

“I have a very keen interest in developing community involvement in the arts and music in particular. This led me to join the arts and culture group during the Summit. I attended the Indi Summit to share my ideas on the subject of arts and culture and hear new ones. I would love to see more young people in rural towns given greater opportunities to share their art before they leave for Melbourne, Sydney of some other city, or before their passion dies.

Veteran artists also need more opportunities to share and sell their craft without having galleries overprice their items or relying solely on local markets.

I got everything I wanted and expected out of the Summit and much more. The Summit brought together an impressive range of different people and saw them work collaboratively towards the improvement of our electorate.

I watched the experienced listen to and help those who were younger or less knowledgeable, such as myself, and saw all being treated equally. Being able to pitch an idea and not have it turned down by a single person was amazing. Any idea was accepted and altered by the group without making any individual feel as though their idea was invalid or useless. The Summit helped me realise that I have a voice in our community and beyond it. Everyone has the opportunity to have their voice heard in Indi.

The last thing I was expecting from the Summit was probably the best and most inspiring thing I got out of it. That is, a sense of how strong Indi, is as an extended community and a sense of belonging and purpose within that community.

I credit that sense of purpose to Cathy McGowan. She has provided and continues to provide our electorate with opportunities to have our voice heard: something that has not happened before. So I would just like to thank Cathy for the amazing opportunities she provides for Indi, and thanks to all.”

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