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May 26, 2017

Telecommuting can unlock potential for regions to participate in government

Independent Member for Indi Cathy McGowan has introduced a bill supporting teleworking which would allow regional workers to participate in the Australian Public Service regardless of geography.

Ms McGowan said the Public Service Amendment (Supporting a Regional Workforce) Bill 2017 she introduced to the Parliament today takes the government’s approach to decentralising the public service beyond bricks and mortar.

Ms McGowan called on the government to support the bill to reinforce the principle of governing for all Australians.

“This bill, if supported by the government, will enable the public service to benefit from the great expertise and experience of regional Australians across all portfolio areas, not just agriculture,” Ms McGowan said.

“Positions in the public service would not be restricted by geographical location but would be open to the brightest and the best, wherever they live.

“We know that the best decisions for regional Australia are made by those in regional Australia.

“Imagine the benefit when it is the same people providing insight, experience and local knowledge.”

According to the government’s recent report Regional 2030: Unlocking Opportunity nearly eight million people live outside of capital cities.

“Imagine if those people had the ability to serve as a public servant while still contributing to their own community, while still shopping locally and sending their children to local schools.”

Ms McGowan said that teleworking would call for a cultural shift across the public service.

“I call on the Government to lead by example and to invest in the people of regional communities to develop an agile and innovative workforce.”

Ms McGowan’s speech about the bill can be viewed here:


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