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The Indi Weekly Scoop Friday 20 July

Posted July 20, 2018



State Government announces more phone towers for Indi

The Victorian Government this week announced funding for mobile phone towers that will increase coverage in Indi. The towers will be located at Buckland Valley, Carboor, Cathedral Lane (Taggerty), Cheshunt South, Cobungra, Kancoona, Lurg, Strath Creek, Warby Ranges and Woolshed Valley. More details about the roll out are to be finalised in coming months.

Indi action on show at ANU

Voice for Indi (V4I) president and Totally Renewable Yackandandah (Try) co-chair, Denis Ginnivan spoke at Australian National University on Wednesday night about the efforts of both community-led organisations. Denis dropped into Cathy’s office on his way to Canberra to grab copies of the Towards a Totally Renewable Indi case study, published earlier this year. If you would like a hard copy, contact Cathy’s Wangaratta office on (03) 5721 7077 or Wodonga office on (02) 6024 6284.

Kerferd Oration to be “Bold and Brave”

Northern Territory Senator Malarndirri McCarthy will deliver the Kerferd Oration this year. Senator McCarthy has a focus on bringing communities together and ensuring remote communities are engaged with and listened to. The oration will be held at the George Kerferd Hotel, Mayday Hills, Beechworth on Sunday, 29 July. Doors open at 10.15am.



Indi has its say on the Federal Budget

The Indi Budget Impact Survey Report is out now and details the 998 responses to the 2018/19 Indi Budget Survey. Taxation measures and the divide between regional and metropolitan Australia were among the top issues. Cathy will present the report to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Cabinet and the opposition. For a hard copy, call Cathy’s Wangaratta office on (03) 5721 7077 or Wodonga office on (02) 6024 6284.

Closing the gap between Community and Canberra

Do you have a copy of Cathy’s latest case study, Connecting Community to Canberra – The Indi Way? The case study recognises the actions of thousands of people from Indi and details the ways to increase participation in the parliamentary process. Hard copies are available from Cathy’s Wangaratta and Wodonga offices.



Cathy welcomes Donald to the team

Mansfield ex-pat Donald Ritchie will join Cathy’s Canberra office in August as part of the Australian National Internship Program. Donald is studying a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Australian National University in Canberra. He volunteered with Cathy during the June sitting of Parliament this year. Welcome Donald! If you’re interested in volunteering with Cathy, email cathy.mcgowan.mp@aph.gov.au

Have your say about telecommunications

What do you think about telecommunications in regional and rural Australia? The Department of Communications’ Regional Telecommunications Review is underway. Submissions can be made until 5 August 2018. To have your say, fill out the form.

Take action for better regional education

Education providers in Indi have one more week to apply for a share in $16.7 million over four years allocated through the Regional Study Hubs Program. The federal funding will help establish and maintain up to eight community-owned study hubs across regional Australia. The hubs will support students to stay in their local area to study. Applications close at 5pm on 27 July.

Celebrating federally-funded mobile phone towers

Community celebrations for new mobile phone towers in Indi will be held this month. The new towers are among the 38 towers to be activated in Indi under the Mobile Black Spots Programme.

  • Buffalo River CFA Shed, 1230 Buffalo River Road on 23 July from 10am
  • Cudgewa Hall, 195 Main Street, on 27 July from 10am
  • Kinglake West Hall, 1055 Whittlesea Kinglake Road, on 30 July from 10am
  • Yea on 30 July from 10am. Venue to be confirmed
  • Granya on 10 August from 10am. Venue to be confirmed



Monday, 23 July: Mobile Phone Tower community celebration at Buffalo River

Tuesday, 24 July: Rotary Wangaratta Business Breakfast

Friday, 27 July: Mobile Phone Tower community celebration at Cudgewa

Sunday, 29 July: Kerferd Oration at George Kerferd Hotel, Mayday Hills, Beechworth



Cryptic: What Indi town is this? Arrow opening.

Test your INDI knowledge

Which of these can claim to be the Highest in Victoria?

A             Mt Hotham Airport (elevation 1298m) opened in year 2000.

B             Shelley Railway station (781m) opened in 1916.

C             Snowy Creek/Lightning Creek flume carried water at a height of 116 feet. Built in 1886.

D             All of the above! But...Shelley was closed in 1981, the Big Flume demolished in 1908.

Answers to previous week: Cryptic town, Baranduda. What am I? Lake Eildon.


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