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The Indi Weekly Scoop, Friday, 22 June 2018

Posted June 22, 2018



above: Mayors, councillors and CEOs from local councils in Indi visited Canberra this week for the National General Assembly (NGA) of Local Government. Representatives from Benalla, Indigo, Mansfield, Moira, Murrindindi, and Wodonga councils met with Cathy at Parliament House.


Local Government Funding Review needed

Cathy this week called on the Federal Government to take a new approach to funding local government to ensure the long-term sustainability of rural and regional councils.


Students get a taste of Parliament

Students from Catholic College Wodonga (above) were acknowledged by the Minister for Small and Family Business Craig Laundy during Question Time in Parliament House on Thursday. See story below.

Time frame for Cross-Border action

In response to Cathy during Question Time on Thursday, Minister for Family and Small Business, Craig Laundy, made a commitment to a three-month timeline for results of work between the NSW, Victoria and the Commonwealth to overcome cross-border anomalies. See Cathy’s question and the response here.


Volunteers in Canberra were Marg Skermer, Tom Byrne, Donald Ritchie and Michelle Jenkin, with new communications and media advisor, Leah Coles (second from right).

Making the most of their time in the House

Another wonderful group of volunteers joined Cathy in Parliament this week. They attended a number of events and sat in on Question Time, engaging with the Parliamentary process. Another group will be at Cathy’s Canberra office next week.

Cathy supports Refugee Protection Bill 2018

Cathy seconded the Refugee Protection Bill 2018, introduced to Parliament by Andrew Wilkie MP on Monday. Cathy noted the community support in Indi for an alternative to the existing refugee processing system, which protects on-board and keeps people from drowning at sea.

Legislation that passed the house this week



St Stephens group raises social justice issues

Wodonga’s St Stephens Social Justice Group (pictured above), is an active community group. Members brought Cathy up to date with a range of issues including pay day lending, refugees and mental health.

Grants to support Treaty process engagement

Applications for grants to support Traditional Owner groups and Aboriginal Organisations and business are now open. The program aims to engage with Victorian Aboriginal communities and non-Aboriginal Victorians on key matters relating to the treaty process.


Monday, 25-29 June – Parliament


Answers to last week: Cryptic town, Winton. What am I? Murray to Mountains trail.

Cryptic - what Indi town is this?

Cool seabird.

Test your INDI knowledge

The Kangaroo Hoppet is

A             a Joey hopping into the mother's pouch.

B             an Australian hop, skip and jump competition.

C             the accused skipping kangaroo court

D            a long distance cross country ski race in the World Loppet series. (Since 1991 at Falls Creek)

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