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Launch for Indi

Posted August 10, 2013


Sunday saw the highlight of Cathy’s campaign so far: the campaign launch! Over 400 supporters gathered at The Cube in Wodonga in a sea of orange. It was incredibly gratifying for both Cathy and her team to be able to present their hard work gathered from the kitchen table conversations about what matters to Indi and formally announce her policies to a very enthusiastic crowd.

Telecommunications and health policies were the main focus for Cathy at the campaign launch. If you missed them, you can read up on them here. In the weeks to come, Cathy will be releasing further policies in the areas of transport, education, aged care, agriculture and food.

Very special thanks must go out to Elaine Mann, Rex McCartney and Emma Avery who did a fantastic job speaking at the launch. Sal Kimber's performance of an Indi version of 'From Little Things Big Things Grow' was also a show stopper. If you missed it, check it out here! The Border Mail also showed up to observe the energy and commitment to Indi that Cathy and her supporters have. It’s clear from the article they printed that they were more than a little impressed with what they saw – see for yourself!

Seeing all the people show up in support of her campaign reminded Cathy of how proud she is of this grassroots campaign and to be walking the talk of the community. It truly has been a case of big things growing from little things! Thank you all for your continued interest and support of the campaign. One in four votes and we can make Indi indipendent: conversation by conversation!

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