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The Woman at Snowy River

Posted June 14, 2013


There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around 

That the independent for Indi, Cathy,

Was heading Corryong bound.

First point of business for Cathy this week was visiting the town of Corryong – home of the Man From Snowy River (and the inspiration for this blog’s opening verse – with apologies to A.B. Patterson!)

Cathy visits Corryong

There was no horsing around for Cathy though; it was straight into business. As a small and relatively remote town, Corryong offers spectacular views of the surrounding valley and Alps, but this distance comes at a price. After meeting with locals about the issues that most matter to them, Cathy was able to note that ONE OF the community’s biggest issue is one that affects many communities in Indi – managing its distances from major service centres and towns.

Public transport is a big priority for this town. Locals spoke to Cathy about the need for a regular bus service to Albury Wodonga. There was a sense of frustration and disappointment in the way that previous funds allocated to this issue resulted in leaflets and project workers looking into the issue, but no concrete action. Even for those with their own means of transportation, the cost of fuel and freight makes almost everything more expensive. In the absence of a gas pipeline, all gas bottles have to be brought up by truck, which impacts on the cost of living in these communities.

It was great to hear from the locals about these issues. In continuing her visits to the Indi communities, Cathy is developing an ever-increasing understanding of what matters most to Indi. She will be back in Corryong on Sunday afternoon June 30 for a further session with interested people and volunteer briefing - see events section on the web page for details. 

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