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Owner-drivers have my full support in Parliament: Cathy McGowan

Posted April 18, 2016


CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (13:36): With over 30 years experience running a small business, I am extraordinarily proud to represent all the small businesses in my electorate of Indi, but I am particularly proud today to represent the trucking industry and the small businesses associated with it. There has been extensive community consultation regarding the current legislation before the House. But today I would particularly like to bring to this parliament the voice of Transport Women Australia and of the national president, Pam McMillan, one of my constituents, who lives in Wodonga.

Transport Women Australia made a submission to that particular inquiry, and I would like to quote it:

We have no argument that operators need and deserve to receive adequate pay for the job they do but we believe the intent of the original concept has been lost with the industry only to be disadvantaged …

I would like to say how proud I am of Transport Women for their reasonable approach to this.

Formed in 1999, they are a support and networking group for women right across Australia involved in the transport industry. I have been delighted to support them and to be at their annual conferences, and I am delighted to bring their voices to parliament today. I would like to say to all the transport women; to all the small businesses involved in transport, logistics, manufacturing, primary production and associated industries: I am very proud to be your voice in this House. I am very proud to support small business, but I am particularly proud to be the voice of Transport Women Australia.

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