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Un-mitta-mitta-gated success!

Posted September 05, 2013


Another beautiful day in Indi!

The day kicked off at a Youth Engagement Breakfast at the Rubix Cafe in Wodonga. We had a great turnout of 25 coming from Wangaratta, Wodonga and surrounding areas. Cathy shared her visions for improved public transport, better mobile phone coverage, marriage equality, a national concession card, and local sustainability initiatives. 


Soon after, the tech-savvy Indi Expats got together to discuss the day ahead:


Planning continued at the Wodonga Office: 


First exciting news of the day came as a Border Mail poll put Cathy’s support at 67.5%:


By 10:30am we took the Indi-VanTM for spin out to Mitta Mitta. We passed by the brimming Hume Weir, complete with dairy cows and waterfowl.

After popping by the caravan park and golf course, we arrived at our final destination the Mitta Mitta Pub. 

We were greeted by a swathe of locals and classic country charm. The pub’s renovations certainly do bring a whole new life to the place!

We dined on delicious pub meals and enjoyed a cheeky midday brew. 

And then, to politics! 


Issues such as transport, broadband and better mobile network coverage were important concerns raised by residents. Did you know that Mitta Mitta does not receive any local television coverage, but instead receives satellite TV from central Australia? As one local quipped- “we know all the local news from Alice Springs and know when all the good sales in Tenant Creek are on!” Accepting refugees into our community was also important issue to locals, and Cathy pointed to Indi’s strong history of accepting and welcoming migrants. 

Cam and Maggie: Always busy lining up the next interview!


As we drove out of town Cathy supporters were busy putting up core flutes on their fence posts – what a great feeling of support coming out of the beautiful Towong Shire!


Cathy headed back into Wodonga for a few interviews with local media, before sitting down to a relaxed afternoon tea with local indigenous leaders from the Indi community. 


Another great day on the campaign trail. 

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