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Upper Murray petition tabled in parliament

Posted October 21, 2016


Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (13:42): It gives me great pleasure today to table a petition on behalf of residents of the Upper Murray community of north-east Victoria.

The petition read as follows—

To the Honourable, the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives This petition of: residents, ratepayers and supporters of the Shire of Towong, Draws to the attention of the House: The Upper Murray community have done significant work through the Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan to map the possibilities for the future prosperity of the area. This wide ranging, holistic planning project has identified the development of an iconic touring route, to be known as the 'Great River Road', as a key tourism project. The 'Great River Road' project will deliver high quality tourism infrastructure and promote the spectacular nature of the views and experiences available along the 'Great River Road'. This will boost the local economy by increasing tourism and tourism yield, growing jobs in a number of small rural communities including Bellbridge, Walwa, Jingellic, Tintaldra, Towong, Corryong and Khancoban. Iconic gateway art works, shelters and seating, interpretive signage, and high quality marketing materials, including video and print materials, will be delivered through the project. The 'Great River Road' will deliver significant economic benefits to the region, including a $2.4m injection to the economy during construction, and 24 jobs during the construction period. Post-construction there will be 13 new full-time jobs created and an annual economic boost of over $1.3m as a result of the project.

We therefore ask the House to: request the Australian Government to contribute $495,000 for infrastructure improvements, as outlined in Towong Shire Council's National Stronger Regions Fund application "Great River Road" to create a prosperous and sustainable Upper Murray region.

from 533 citizens

Petition received.

Ms McGOWAN: The petition calls on the government to fund aspects of their 2030 Vision Plan, which maps out the future for prosperity for the Upper Murray region. I am pleased to inform the community that the government is listening to their needs and is very, very happy to provide funding as requested for signage and development along the Great River Road but also, under the National Stronger Regions Fund, really putting the needs of Corryong and the Upper Murray first.

Today, in parliament I would really like to acknowledge and thank the community and in particular the committee for all their hard work. To Edmond Barry, Maxine Brockfield, John Pitman, Michael Leonhard, Fay Whitehead, Jo McKinnon, Andrew Urquhart, Councillor Peter Joyce, the staff of the Towong Shire—and I would particularly like to acknowledge the work of Lauren Fearne—it is absolutely fantastic to see this wonderful part of north-east Victoria receive the attention it deserves and the funding that is needed.

I look forward to inviting all my colleagues to come to the upper bit of north-east Victoria, travel the great river road from Albury-Wodonga up via the river through the wonderful communities of Bellbridge, Walwa, Jingellic, Tintaldra, Towong, Corryong and Khancoban, right in through the wild brumby country of north-east Victoria. So to the community: well done. I am looking forward to growing tourism and growing jobs. (Time expired)

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