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Video: Future of regional universities depends on a national strategy

Posted September 14, 2017


Cathy introduced amendments to the government's proposed higher education reforms, repeating the call to regional MPs to represent the interest of their communities and support a national regional education strategy.

Text of speech below video.

This will require the minister to present the parliament with a national regional higher education strategy within 15 sitting days after 1 January 2018. The minister will be required to table an updated strategy every four years. To my colleagues on the other side who represent regional Australia: can I ask you to pay particular attention to this amendment and choose carefully how you will vote.

I move this motion from a sense of absolute frustration. The government says it supports regional development. The government says it supports decentralisation. The government says it supports economic growth and development. How are we going to do it if our universities can't provide us with the skilled people in the areas that we need over the longer period? So I say to my colleagues: please pay serious consideration to this particular bit of legislation and to this particular amendment because, in voting against it, you vote against the future of our regional universities.

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