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Wangaratta West PS and Glenrowan Improvers' Association mentioned in Parliament House

Posted October 21, 2016


Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (13:36): Colleagues, I draw your attention to the students in the gallery from Wangaratta West Primary School. Could you please say hello. Hello everybody. Welcome to parliament.

It gives me great pleasure to talk today about some of the wonderful work done by the voluntary community groups around Wangaratta and also just south of Wangaratta in the town of Glenrowan. I had the pleasure last Wednesday of attending the annual general meeting of the Glenrowan Improvers, and today I would like to take the chance to acknowledge and thank the members of the committee who have been putting their hands up for community service: President Ken, Vice President Gary Dean, Secretary Linton, Deputy Secretary Cindy, Treasurer Bill Gent and, in particular, Ross Jones. Ross, I hope your feet are feeling better.

I want to acknowledge the work of the Glenrowan Improvers. At the annual general meeting they gave a report on some of the really important work they are doing in the community. Today I would particularly like to talk about one of their big projects, which is the Ned Kelly interpretive centre. It is one of the things that Glenrowan really wants to establish so we can provide a focus for the local story of Glenrowan and through it the story of the Kelly gang. I use 'gang' in a collective sense because many of the families and the relatives of the Ned Kelly community still live in Greta and they still live in Glenrowan. The idea of the interpretive centre is that people can stop off and learn some of the local history and hear the real story of the Kelly experience.

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