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November 15, 2013

News from Murphy Street 15/11/13

News from 117 Murphy Street 15/11/13

What a week! Cathy and three of her staff were in Canberra for the first sitting week of the 44th Parliament.

On Monday Cathy was sworn into Parliament, watched on by family members in the gallery. There was an exceptionally warm welcome for Cathy, with MPs from all sides congratulating her on her win in Indi.

After the pomp and ceremony of Monday, Tuesday saw the Parliament begin properly. Cathy got to vote on her first divisions and voted against the government’s changes to Standing Orders. She held a joint press conference with three other crossbenchers to air their concerns about the proposed changes that limited their speaking opportunities.

She also had a productive meeting with the CEO of the ARTC, Mr John Fullerton, who briefed Cathy on the works happening on the track and he also agreed to come down to Indi on December 16 for a series of discussions with constituents. We’ll keep you updated with more information on these proposed briefings closer to the date.

We also began setting up Cathy’s office in Canberra so that, as Cathy repeatedly stated during the campaign, the residents of Indi will have an office in Canberra as well as in Indi that they can access whenever they need.

Another exciting piece of news to come out of this week was that we got a date for Cathy’s maiden speech! It will be on the 2nd of December, between the times of 4-6 p.m., everyone is welcome to come, and it would be great to have a contingent of local journalists come up on the buses to cover Cathy’s speech. Details for the event can be found on the website at: http://www.cathymcgowan.com.au/maiden_speech. Just shoot me an email if you would like to come up and I can help liaise with the people organising the buses.

The jobs that Cathy has advertised for are still up and will be until the 24th of November.

Looking at what’s coming up - this weekend Cathy will be at the opening of the Winton Wetlands, before enjoying the bounties of the region at the Brown Brothers Food & Wine Weekend before heading to the King Valley Wine Festival.

Parliament is sitting again next week and already Cathy has locked in meetings with Brian Nye, CEO Australasian Railway Association (ARA), to discuss Grain, Agriculture, Inland Rail, and High Speed Rail.

She will also attend a seminar by Goodstart Early Learning CEO Julia Davison and Early Childhood Aust CEO Samantha Page called “Investing in Children to build our future”. Susan Ley is a featured speaker at the seminar.

Thanks for your patience this week and we’ll keep in touch.

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