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What a week

Posted June 07, 2013


What a week!!

Thanks everyone for your warm support.   I am encouraged by the many offers of support I am receiving.  I know its going to be a journey and I am delighted to have made this decision.

Last night I was a guest at the graduation of the Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program (AVCLP) in Wangaratta.  One of the graduates congratulated me and then asked: "But Cathy do you really want to work in Canberra? "

The truth is that I already work in Canberra.  I am up there regularly: advocating on behalf of the  PNG women in Agriculture, as a member of the National Farmers Federation's 2030 committee - I am the Victorian Farmer's Federation rep, and lots more.  I am very familiar with the bureaucracy and how it works. 

What I want now,  is to be the community's representative for Indi in Canberra!  Over the next weeks I am looking forward to being out and about.  Meeting people, learning about the issues and helping us find our voice - and when it's appropriate using my voice in Canberra on behalf of Indi.

Howard Jones has written a opinion piece in today's Border Mail (Friday May 24) , saying that we have no hope at all.  Why? because Indi "is historically true-blue conservative and a Liberal strong hold since 1977"

I think he's going to be proven 'not correct' on this one - people of Indi want choice - they want the  choose, they don't want their vote to be taken for granted, and they want their voices to be heard.

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