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Wildlife volunteers and vets play caring role in Indi

Posted November 24, 2015


CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (13:39): Today I would like to talk about Wildlife Victoria. It is a not-for-profit charity with 1,500 volunteers who passionately care about wildlife. Volunteers provide a seven-day-a-week emergency response service, along with advice and rescue. In many cases the animals are saved from certain death by this intensive care.

My lovely electorate of Indi has a dedicated group of local volunteers and vets who give their time and resources to care for animals.   In 2014-15 lndi recorded 507 animal rescues, 28 per cent of which were for animals hit by a vehicle. The main species rescued were eastern grey kangaroos, bare-nosed wombats, magpies, ducks and sulphur-crested cockatoos.

Today I would particularly like to acknowledge the vets and thank them for all their work: Alexandra Veterinary Clinic, Alpine Animal Doctors, Benalla Veterinary Clinic, Glenrowan Veterinary Clinic, Melrose Animal Hospital in Wodonga, Ovens and Kiewa Veterinary Hospital, Rutherglen Veterinary Clinic, Tallangatta Veterinary Clinic, Wangaratta Veterinary Clinic, Wodonga Veterinary Clinic and the Family Vet Centre. We know this work would not be possible without your help. To all the volunteers who look after so many animals, who care for them, restore them and bring them back to life, thank you for all your work.

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