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Yea Community garden - a growing community initiative

Posted November 24, 2014


CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (16:24):  Yea is one of the wonderful communities in my electorate of Indi, and today I would like to pay tribute to the Yea Community Garden in celebrating its first anniversary. This dynamic community initiative is working hard on combating social issues and challenges, relating particularly to healthy food issues in Yea and the community.

The group has set up a wonderful garden, created a high profile for fresh, healthy, locally produced food, and formed strong partnerships with many local organisations, groups and individuals.

The Yea Community Garden works in partnership with the Yea Community House, the Yea & District Memorial Hospital, the G3 weekly community dinner, the Yea police and local churches, schools and businesses. Most importantly, they have fun doing it. The garden produce goes to the G3 dinner, which feeds between 40 and 80 people each week; to the local Foodshare program; and to volunteers and those who work in the garden. The garden runs community workshops to teach people how to grow their own food, as well as how to cook fresh food.

Well done to Bridget from Yea & District Memorial Hospital; to Zanni, Carlie, Natalie and Yea Community House; and to the numerous green thumb garden volunteers. Let me name you: Belinda, Ethan, Dustin, Ingrid, Julie, Jill, Peter, Ruth, Dave, Carlie, Kim, Antoinette, Lucy, Lou, Jasper, Matilda, Claire, Lucia and Will. Well done on a fantastic effort.

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