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Youth Politics Camp future leaders discuss Australian democracy

Posted March 16, 2016



CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (13:33): Colleagues, participatory democracy is alive and well in Indi. On Sunday, 6 March I was honoured to meet 22 of our future leaders at the Indi youth politics camp at Howmans Gap in Falls Creek. The camp was a three-day nonpartisan program for young people aged between 16 and 25 in north-east Victoria, coordinated by representatives of local councils.

The 22 amazing young people engaged in discussions and debates and had fun, with a focus on the Australian political system. The camp included sessions such as an introduction to the Australian political system, ethics and decision making, media, networking, leadership and career paths. Well done to the youth politics camp committee: Anthony Nicholson and Rachel Habgood from Wodonga council, Amanda Aldous from Benalla, Jenny Corser from Alpine, Laura McKenna from Wangaratta and Annette Walton from Indigo.

To the camp guests—Jess Gay, Ashlee Fitzpatrick, Tasman Cocks-Wheaton, Jacqui Hawkins, Jaclyn Symes, Tammy Atkins, Mary-Anne Scully, Matt Charles Jones and Jennifer Jones—thank you for your involvement. Congratulations really must go to the most amazing young people from north-east Victoria—young people who gave their weekend to come and learn about our political system and make a commitment to be involved. Young people, your futures are bright and, with your involvement, so is the future of Indi! I am so proud to be a representative in this House. (Time expired)

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